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Other information:

I was born in Mississippi but have been raised in Tennessee. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in 2010 and a Master of Medical Physics from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012. I am currently looking to begin a Doctorate of Philosophy in the Medical Sciences in Japan, where I hope to contribute to the field of heavy ion radiation therapy for cancer treatment.

It wasn’t until I studied abroad in Japan the spring of 2010, both seeing the United States from another country’s perspective, and meeting Americans from multiple states, that I began identifying as a Tennessean, rather than simply as “an American”. The idea occurred to me to compare the land mass and populations of various states relative to other countries. I encourage you to do the same. Did you know that the state of Tennessee is larger than South Korea? Such comparisons have helped me to see in a new light the Founders idea of “state sovereignty”; the governor of Tennessee is not unlike the Prime Minister of other countries, and we ought to take state politics more seriously!

I became seriously interested in politics while at MTSU, particularly when the campaigning for Obama began during the 2008 presidential election. My interest in politics corresponded to my interest in religion, as I’ll explain in a moment. Arriving as a freshman, having just turned 18 a few weeks prior, I was finally living on my own, independent, and I was abruptly faced with the question: Who am I? Who would I present myself as to this new group of people who had never met me before? Having played musical instruments in the church choir throughout high school, I began studying Christianity: Could “I am a son of God” answer the question of who I was?

I quickly fell in love with the philosophy permeating Christian doctrine, and noted well the natural law ethic: Vice is its own punishment, virtue its own reward. (In other words, “You reap what you sow.”) One can appreciate this truth regardless of one's background. That’s why I became alarmed and increasingly active in politics: What direction is our country heading in, where vice becomes institutionalized, even federally funded via taxation? The problem facing us all, and its solution, became apparent to me at about the same time: We must recreate a virtuous society, educated in the principles establishing our nation, or social ills will increase, as will our government.

This leads directly to why I’ve joined the Constitution Party. After Obama took office in 2008, I continued following news stories to see what the Democratic Party and the Republican Party were doing. I became disenfranchised from the Republican Party the more I saw and attempted to correspond with my elected representatives (all Republican). When the 2012 election cycle started up, I decided I would vote my principles rather than allow “the media” (and money) to control the election. For example, I had seen how they played the “unelectable” trump card against Ron Paul during the primary presidential debates to eliminate him from the 2012 race. And again, during the previous cycle with McCain, the debates were slanted such that while other candidates were given 12 opportunities to speak, Paul was given 5 -- I counted. If everyone decides to vote according to their principles, the media won’t be able to decide who we vote for -- “to beat the other guy” is the tool they use to control the votes.

So I began reading through the political party platforms to see which party most closely matched my beliefs and my values. I read the platforms and positions of several parties: Communist, Constitution, Democratic, Green, Libertarian, Republican. It appears to me that the quality of society corresponds closely with its morals. Again thinking of the natural law ethic, I asked myself, “Which party is most in alignment with my values?” in addition to the question, “Which party is most in alignment with following the Constitution and the order of law?” This latter question became increasingly prominent during the first four years of Obama's reign, and I first heard questions of constitutionality regarding the PATRIOT ACT and many other Republican-approved pieces of legislation that preceded him. I found that the Constitution Party answered both those questions resoundingly well. If you want to restore our government to what our Founders envisioned -- with reasonable amendments, of course (such as the 13th amendment) -- then become active with the Constitution Party, and we can replace the plutocracy of today with the constitutional republic of tomorrow.