Appendix - B - Template for County ByLaws

Appendix B contains a template to be used when starting up a County Party. Once established, the County Party may modify their County ByLaws, based on their needs and approval from the State Party Executive Committee. These County ByLaws will serve as part of the “quick start kit”. The quick start kit will enable counties to be established and begin the work ahead by reducing the start-up effort so the County Executive Committee can focus on growing the party. 


Constitution Party of Tennessee


May 14, 2013


Article I - Name

The name of the organization is the [County Party] Constitution Party of Tennessee (hereinafter referred as the County Party).


Article II - Purpose

The purpose of the County Party includes, but is not limited to, promoting and proving America’s founding principles, electing true Constitutionalists to office on the national, state, and local levels, recruiting Constitutionalists, raising funds for election campaigns, and recruiting membership to the State Party.


Article III - Eligibility of County Party Officers and County Executive


To hold office in the County Party, the person must be an American citizen, a member in good standing of the party, must have relinquished their membership and/or dissociated themselves with any other political party, and must have successfully completed the candidate vetting process details of which are contained in Article VIII of the Constitution Party of Tennessee’s ByLaws.


Article IV - County Party Structure

The County Party Structure shall be defined to ensure statewide cohesive operation, statewide consistency, and provide necessary measures to protect the State Party from infiltrators whose purpose is to change foundational belief.

Section 1. - Framework

The framework for the creation of the County Party shall be provided by the State ByLaws. However, each County Party is provided the opportunity to make necessary changes or additions based on their needs. However, each County Party must adopt ByLaws that are consistent with the Constitution Party State Party ByLaws.

The County Party may adopt additional rules that are in accordance with the State Party ByLaws. County Party ByLaws and standard operating procedures (SOP) must be approved by the ByLaws and Rules Subcommittee of the State Executive Committee. All approved changes must be filed with the State Party and be made available to all other County Parties.

The State Party ByLaws and Rules Committee may grant a waiver of the state ByLaws upon a two-thirds vote within 60 days of receiving the request. If the State Party ByLaws and Rules Committee does not respond in 60 days, the waiver request will automatically be approved.

County Parties must reorganize by holding elections for officers during the first quarter of odd number years.

Section 2. - Executive Committee Make Up and Meeting Requirement

The County Executive Committee shall meet at least quarterly. The County Executive Committee is defined as the County Party’s elected Party Officers, the Congressional District Director, and the immediate past County Chairman.

[Additional offices can be created and included in the county ByLaws. However, they must be approved by the State Executive Committee.]


Article V - County Party Officers

The officers for the County Party will include: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Vice- Treasurer, and Secretary.

The Chairman or Vice-Chairman may also serve as Vice-Treasurer. The Secretary may also serve as Treasurer.

Section 1. - Exceptions

The exception to this is the initial start-up phase. During the start-up phase, the County is only required to have a County Chairman.

Section 2. - County Chairman Voting Eligibility on Executive Committee

The Chairman of the County Party shall have no vote, unless the County Executive Committee is equally divided.

Section 3. - County Chairman Conflict of Interest

The Chairman of the County Party shall not be a State Party Officer.

If the current State Chairman is also a County Chairman at the adoption of these ByLaws the State Chairman will be allowed to complete their term; however, if they seek another term they will be required to resign from their County Chairman position upon being successfully re- elected.

Section 4. - Initial Nomination and Formation Process for County Chairman

The election of the County Party Chairman shall follow one of the processes below:

  • A group of a minimum of 10 individuals committed to the Constitution Party deciding to form a County Party may nominate and elect an interim County Chairman to establish the County organization. The Congressional District Director shall participate in the nomination and election process. The interim Chairman should preside over a meeting to elect the other interim officers as needed. The interim Chairman and all other officers must be vetted by using the candidate vetting and accountability measures outlined in State Party ByLaws.
  • The Congressional District Director or a member of the State Executive Committee will nominate a Chairman for the County Party. The nominated individual must receive a majority vote of the State Party Executive Committee. However, once the County Party has been officially recognized as a County Party, the County Party membership shall elect all County Party Executive Committee members moving forward.

The election of the permanent officers must take place no later than the first quarter of the next odd numbered year.

Section 5. - Start Date of Newly Elected

The County Party Officers shall take office immediately after the election. The newly elected Chairman will preside over the remainder of the meeting.

Section 6. - Vacancy of Chairmanship

In the event the County Chairman is unable to fulfill his or her duties the Vice-Chairman will assume the role of County Chairman.

Section 7. - Other Vacancies

Upon a vacancy occurring mid-term of an Executive Committee member, the Chairman may nominate to fill the vacancy. In the event a nomination is made, an election must be held with the County Executive Committee. Upon a majority vote of the County Executive Committee, the newly-nominated individual will immediately assume the role of the office and complete the remainder of the term.

In the event the County Chairman decides to hold a special election, the following process will be followed:

  • The Chairman shall send notification of the vacancy to the County Party members and ask for nominations to be presented at the meeting scheduled for this purpose.
  • All nominees shall be vetted based on State Party ByLaw provisions prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • In the case of more than one nomination, the candidate receiving the majority vote will be considered the winner.
  • In the case of a single nomination, the Chairman will send another communication to the membership notifying them that a vote is not necessary.

Section 8. - Reason for Vacancy

A vacancy may occur for the following reasons: death, resignation, change of county residence, removal from office, other disqualification, or inability to serve his or her complete term.

Section 9. - Disqualification

An officer can be disqualified for one of the following reasons:

    1. Absent in three consecutive County Party Executive Committee meetings
    2. Successful No Confidence Vote

Section 10. - Term of the County Chairman

The term of the County Chairman is suggested within the Constitution of this organization. However, the County Party can determine whether there is an enforced term limit within their adopted ByLaws.


Article VI - Duties of County Party Officers

Section 1. - Duties of the Chairman

The duties shall include, but are not limited to the following:

  • As a member of the County Executive Committee, voice the concerns of the people within the County Party
  • Preside at all meetings of the county organization
  • Supervise the work of the county organization
  • Appoint all Standing and Special Committee Chairmen
  • To vote only in case of a tie during County Executive Committee votes

Section 2. - Duties of the Vice Chairman

The duties shall include, but are not limited to the following:

  • In absence of the Chairman to perform the duties of the Chairman
  • Provide status on all standing committees to the County Party Chairman and County
  • Party Executive Committee
  • Serve as the ex-officio member of all county committees
  • Serve as a tie breaker vote in Standing and Special Committees

Section 3. - Duties of the Secretary

The duties shall include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Keep record of all membership meetings and read the minutes of the previous meeting
  • Keep record of all Executive Committee meetings and read the minutes of the previous meeting
  • Keep an up-to-date roster of members, delegates and vetted alternate delegates
  • Keep an up-to-date notebook containing the State Party Constitution, State Party ByLaws, and Approved County Party ByLaws

Section 4. - Duties of the Treasurer

The duties shall include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Receive and be custodian of all funds of the organization and to arrange for payment of bills upon authorization by the County Party Executive Committee
  • To keep an account of all monies received and disbursed by the Treasurer and to report in full at the annual meeting and at other intervals as required by the County Chairman
  • To ensure that the financial reports are provided timely and accurately to all government agencies as required by law
  • Establish guidelines for donation solicitation
  • Establish contribution targets required to accommodate yearly strategy approved by the
  • Executive Committee

Section 5. - Duties of the Vice-Treasurer

The duties shall include, but are not limited to the following:

  • In absence of the Treasurer to perform the duties of the Treasurer


Article VII - Membership

Membership is first placed with the State Party; individuals are associated to a County Party based on the address of their residency to ensure politics are addressed in the most effective manner, locally.

The State Party membership eligibility measures will be followed.

[Although the County Party can include additional measures for membership at the County Level, it is not recommended. All changes must be approved by the ByLaws and Rules Committee.]


Article VIII - Individual Member Dues

To ensure the County Party is open to all that desire to be involved in the Constitution Party of Tennessee and to become involved at the county level, County Parties shall not require dues for membership.


Article IX - County Party Dues

The County Party is required to pay a yearly membership fee to the State Party. These fees are used for various activities like payment of the National Constitution Party membership fee, membership drives, party messaging, etc. This membership fee is outlined in the State Party’s Constitution.


Article X - Accountability

The County Party shall adhere to the accountability measures outlined by the State Party.


Article XI - Candidate Vetting

The County Party shall adhere to the candidate vetting measures outlined by the State Party.


Article XII - Amendments

Section 1. - County Vote Required

The County ByLaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership within the county but must also receive approval by the State ByLaws and Rules Committee.

Section 2. - Notice Required

The County ByLaws may be amended at any time, provided 30 days notice has been given to County Party members. At the meeting, a copy of the proposed amendments must be distributed, or made available prior to the vote and available at the meeting.

Section 3. - Communication Required and Final Approval Vote

When the County ByLaws are amended, notice will be sent to State Party ByLaws and Rules Committee with a final copy of the County Approved ByLaws, and identification of the sponsor of the amendment(s). The copy provided must be in electronic format.

Upon receipt of the approved County ByLaws the ByLaws and Rules Committee will either approve or deny the changes. The ByLaws and Rules Committee will have 60 days to respond. In the absence of a formal response, the changes will automatically be approved. Upon change approval, the Secretary of the State Party shall file the updated County ByLaws.


Appendix - A - Documented County By-Law Changes

Appendix A will contain all future revisions to these ByLaws. The format of the approved changes will be as follows:

Example Format

Date Approved by County Party
Total = XXX, “Yea” votes = X, “Nay” votes = X, carried by x% Date Approved by State Executive Committee
Total = XXX, “Yea” votes = X, “Nay” votes = X, carried by x%

  • Whether the provision(s) were brought by the Executive Committee or the Voting Membership
  • Indicate whether a waiver was granted and for what
  • Brief description of the changes.

Example Recording

Approved by County Party: Saturday, April 6, 2013
Total = 50, “Yea” votes = 35, “Nay” votes = 15, carried by 70% Approved by State Executive Committee: Thursday, May 23, 2013 Total = 10, “Yea” votes = 8, “Nay” votes = 2, carried by 80%

  • Provisions brought by the Executive Committee
  • No waiver granted
  • The changes approved included major provisions to the State ByLaws in order to provide infrastructure to build the State Party, protect the State Party from infiltrators, and implement accountability measures for State and County Party Officers and public office candidates.