Constitution Party of Tennessee

A third & better choice for the 2/3 majority seeking it

By Keith A. Patterson

I speak to the countless Tennesseans chafing under an escalating burden of government malfeasance and political tyranny that typifies our federal government and state legislatures today. I’ve always known that strong doses of free enterprise, individual freedom, limited government, and traditional American values are key to a bright American future. And, along with many like-minded fellow citizens, I’ve held out hope that our misguided GOP, nudged and coaxed by the grassroots holding its feet to the fire, would become home to a rebirth of constitutional thinking and advocacy of constitutional public policy.

But every day brings escalated national frustration over one question: Where do patriots turn as time after time a clueless, impotent, misguided band of GOP legislators fumbles the ball and fails to represent those who worked hard to elect them? Failure seen in their daily deliberate choices to capitulate to tyranny, violate their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and continue being a source of America’s problems rather than seizing myriad opportunities to become a solution source. It’s evident that today’s GOP does not warrant serious consideration as a vehicle for the type of change that’s needed – change aimed at re-instituting Constitutional government. Sadly, it doesn’t even “want” consideration as such. Worthless Mitch McConnell’s GOP establishment backed mafia tactics against conservative challengers and the GOP’s constant amnesty drumbeat and relentless sabotage of Tea Party candidates speak volumes.

The national Republican Party’s dismal, steadily worsening performance throughout Obama’s administration, and the inane activities of a Republican “super-majority” in our state legislature, vividly illustrate that the day we hoped would never come has arrived – when we acknowledge that the GOP is not salvageable and that we have no more time to wait around for what will never happen. Like many others, I’ve struggled with concerns over “how much influence can a third party have” and whether it could ever overtake the “two major parties” in what some call (erroneously) our “two party system”. Lest we buy into the “alternative parties can’t win” mentality, consider this: The Republican Party was formed in 1854. Four years later it had assimilated members from the “two major parties”, and held majorities in many states. Six years after its inception, the party’s Presidential candidate won the election of 1860 (winning 39.8% of the vote), catapulting it to a 72-year domination of national politics.

Are you ready to work “productively” on restoring the republic left to us by the Founders – working within a political vehicle structured to meet the challenge of holding its leaders and candidates accountable to the Constitution? If so, I encourage and challenge you to investigate the Constitution Party of Tennessee ( and the national Constitution Party ( Each is organized as a “bottom-up” entity, where leadership and party standard-bearers answer to the rank and file. Compare the third largest and fastest growing U.S. political party with the “top-down” dictatorial nature of today’s entrenched GOP machine, continually favoring tax-and-spend big government progressive candidates over reform-minded Conservatives and Constitutionalists, squelching all threats to RINO legislators and candidates by the latter.

I speak to all Tea Partiers and everyone else gagging on the slavery being foisted upon us without recourse by the Washington cesspool. Let’s all think about how much we love and appreciate America, the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America that our Founders created, and compare that with whatever you call this nightmare we’re living today on the same real estate. Then commit to upholding only that standard under which the USA became the greatest force for good the world has known. Through this we can, over few election cycles, duplicate the rise of that party founded in 1854. And only if we make this commitment and follow through, can these United States of America become, once again, a shining city on a hill, home to the most free and prosperous people on Earth. So . . . let’s do this. It’s time.

Keith A. Patterson, Christian, Electrical Designer, Musician, American Patriot, Tennessee resident since 1988, and lifelong Conservative and advocate for Constitutional adherence in government and public policy, currently resides in Dickson County. He is also a founding member of the Dickson County Constitution Party of Tennessee.