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Other information:

Keith Patterson is a lifelong Conservative and advocate for Constitutional adherence in government and public policy. As a proud American, born-again Christian, and productive member of the world’s greatest society ever, his life is that of a typical “average Joe” – one of the millions of basic citizens who, individually and collectively, make our great experiment in Liberty and self-rule work.

ENGINEERING CAREER Mr. Patterson brings to his current Employer, Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon, proficiency in the design of building Electrical systems that extends over a period exceeding three decades. Since 2001, he has been a Certified Lighting Designer (LC) by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP), the only accredited organization credentialing Lighting professionals. He also currently serves on the Board of Managers and as IA (Illumination Awards) Committee Chair for the Nashville Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). He previously served as Vice President and Treasurer for that non-profit organization. In addition to working as Senior Designer for several Employers, Keith has also employed himself in Construction Coordination, Design, and Project Management. He has accumulated extensive experience on a vast array of project sizes and types, gained valuable insight from having performed in a variety of roles within the Design / Construction process, and is noted for building harmonious relationships with in-house and external clients.

MUSICIAN A childhood enjoyment of reading and writing poetry, coupled with a love of music, led Keith to begin writing songs in early high school, having penned his first commercially viable tune by age 14 in 1973. “Off-and-on” songwriting and musicianship that followed went “all in” and “full on” in the Spring of 2004. Since then, marketing under the brand K. A. Patterson and the Paradise Band, Keith has become a bona fide self-published Songwriter and Independent Artist, generating airplay in nearly 100 countries and all 50 USA states. Among numerous venues where his music can be heard or purchased, you can access it here >>

SOCIOPOLITICAL WRITER During high school and college, Keith also developed an interest in non-poetic and non-musical communication, and took classes in Expository Writing, Public Speaking, and Research Paper Preparation. Clearly, a passion for communication with people through language, in various forms, emerged early on, and has both contributed to and been fueled by an Engineering career and his musical endeavors. Consequently, no one who’s known him very long is surprised by his editorial efforts of the past few years – nor by the fact that most of his persuasive writing lives within the Patriotic / Political / Societal arena. Of himself, Keith says “Given the immense love I have for this country and the grave concern and sadness I feel over its intentional destruction, coupled with my affinity for using words to effectively express ideas, it’s only natural that I am comfortable on the pages of the Constitution Party website. We can no longer look the other way and fail to say what needs saying, persuade who needs persuading, and restore what needs restoring – this once great republic”. And since the Constitution Party is fully invested in restoration of the abandoned Constitutional Republic the Founders left us, we’re happy to introduce Keith to you and to have him and his editorial work on board. Stay tuned . . .