Constitution Party of Tennessee

Appendix - A - Documented By-Law Changes

Appendix A will contain all future revisions to these ByLaws. The format of the approved changes will be as follows:

Example Format

Date Approved
Total = XXX, “Yea” votes = X, “Nay” votes = X, carried by x%

  • Whether the provision(s) were brought by the Executive Committee or the Voting Membership
  • Brief description of the changes.

Example Recording

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 ! 16 of 24

Total = 200, “Yea” votes = 150, “Nay” votes = 50, carried by 75%

  • Provisions brought by the Executive Committee
  • The changes approved included major provisions to the State ByLaws in order to provide infrastructure to build the State Party, protect the State Party from infiltrators, and implement accountability measures for State and County Party Officers and public office candidates.