Constitution Party of Tennessee

Article X - Committees

Section 1. - Standing Committees

There will be five standing committees. These committees will be: ByLaws and Rules, Finance and Budget, Candidate Vetting and Accountability, Strategy, and Messaging.

Additional standing committees shall be determined by the Executive Committee with a majority vote. The duties of all standing committees shall be prescribed by the Executive Committee.

The officers of the Standing Committee will be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary and will be nominated by the Executive Committee and must have completed the vetting process as outlined by the Candidate Vetting and Accountability Committee. Standing Committee nominees will assume office immediately upon receiving majority vote.

The State Vice Chairman is a member of all Standing Committees but may not be a Chairman of the Standing Committees. The State Vice Chairman shall have no vote, unless the Standing Committee is equally divided.

Section 2. - Special Committees

Special committees may be appointed by the State Party Chairman at his/her discretion. Special committees lasting a duration of 60 days or longer must receive majority vote approval by the executive committee.

In the event a special committee does not achieve a majority vote there shall be a 60 day waiting period before another special committee with similar purpose may be appointed by the State Party Chairman.

Special Committee officers will be appointed by the State Chairman. The State Vice Chairman shall have no vote, unless the Special Committee is equally divided.

Section 3. - Reporting Structure of Committees

The Vice Chairman will provide updates on all committees to the Executive Committee. However, upon request by the State Chairman, all committees shall prepare a written report for the Executive Committee. All committees shall submit a written report at the annual meeting as requested by the State Chairman.