Constitution Party of Tennessee

Article XV - County Party Structure

The County Party Structure will be defined to ensure statewide cohesive operation, statewide consistency, and provide necessary measures to protect the state party from infiltrators whose purpose is to change foundational belief.

Section 1. - Framework

The framework for the creation of the County Party shall be provided by the State ByLaws. However, each County Party is provided the opportunity to make necessary changes or additions based on their needs. However, each County Party shall adopt ByLaws that are consistent with the Constitution Party State Party ByLaws.

The County Party may adopt additional rules that are in accordance with the State Party ByLaws. County Party ByLaws and standard operating procedures (SOP) must be approved by the ByLaws and Rules Subcommittee of the State Executive Committee. All approved changes must be filed with the State Party and be made available to all other County Parties.

The State Party ByLaws and Rules Committee may grant a waiver of the state ByLaws upon a two-thirds vote within 60 days of receiving the request. If the State Party ByLaws and Rules Committee does not respond in 60 days, the waiver request will automatically be approved.

County Parties must reorganize by holding elections for officers during the first quarter of odd number years.

Section 2. - Executive Committee Make Up and Meeting Requirement

Each County Executive Committee shall meet at least quarterly. The County Executive Committee is defined as the County Party’s elected Party Officers, the Congressional District Director, the immediate past County Chairman, and other members as defined by the County Party’s ByLaws.

The Chairman of the County Party shall have no vote, unless the County Executive Committee is equally divided.

The Chairman of the County Party shall not be the State Party Chairman. An individual can only hold office within the State Party or within the County Party, but not both.

If the current State Party Officers are also County Party Officers at the adoption of these ByLaws, the officers will be allowed to complete their term. However, if they seek another term they will be required to resign from their County Party office and/or State Party office position upon being successfully re-elected.

Section 3. - Minimum County Officers

The County Party Officers shall include a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Vice-Treasurer.

The exception to this is the initial start-up phase. During the start-up phase, the county is only required to have a County Chairman.

A County Party is considered to be in an initial start-up phase until the County Party has become an officially recognized County Party.

Section 4. - Initial Nomination Process for County Chairman

Initially the Congressional District Director or a member of the State Executive Committee will nominate a Chairman for the County Party. The nominated individual must receive a majority vote of the State Party Executive Committee.

Section 5. - Start Date of Newly Elected

The County Party Officers shall take office immediately after the election. The newly-elected Chairman will preside over the remainder of the County Party meeting.

Section 6. - Vacancy of Chairmanship

In the event the County Chairman is unable to fulfill his or her duties, the Vice-Chairman will assume the role of County Chairman.

Section 7. - Other Vacancies

Any vacancies occurring mid-term of an Executive Committee member the Chairman may decide to nominate an individual or hold a special election. In the event a nomination is made, an election must be held with the Country Executive Committee. Upon a majority vote, the newly-nominated individual will immediately assume the role of the vacancy and complete the remainder of the term.

Section 8. - Reason for Vacancy

A vacancy may occur for the following reasons: death, resignation, change of county residence, removal from office, other disqualification, or inability to serve his or her complete term.

Section 9. - Disqualification

An officer shall be disqualified for one of the following reasons.

    1. Absent in three consecutive County Party Executive Committee meetings
    2. Successful No Confidence Vote
    3. Failure to execute office as outlined within the State or County ByLaws as determined by the State Party or County Party Executive Committee by majority vote
    4. Move from county in which elected

Section 10. - Term of the County Chairman

The term of the County Chairman is suggested within the Constitution of this organization. However, the County Party can determine whether there is an enforced term limit within their adopted ByLaws.

Section 11. - Delegation

It is understood that as the State Party grows, it will be necessary to implement delegate voting versus membership voting at regular meetings. Therefore, once the State Party has reached 20 active counties, each county will be allocated five delegates.

These five delegates include the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer, and Secretary. However, each county officer is permitted to send someone in their place, provided the alternative delegate has completed the candidate vetting process and the County Chairman and/or Congressional District Director approved and informed the State Secretary before the meeting. In addition, if the delegate is unable to attend and is unable to send someone in their place, the delegate is able to use a proxy vote as outline in this organization’s Constitution.

Once the delegate process is initiated, all voting at regular meetings will be completed by each county’s delegation. Members are always welcome to join the activities. However, due to party growth, only delegates will be required to attend and vote on party business.