Constitution Party of Tennessee

Article III - Membership

Section 1. - Legal Age and Citizenship

Any legal and qualified voter under the law of the State of Tennessee, who is in accord with the principles of the Constitution Party of Tennessee.

Section 2. - Individual Dues

Members are not required to pay ‘membership’ dues. The focus of the Constitution Party of Tennessee is proactive engagement at the individual and county levels. Therefore, if the Constitution Party of Tennessee is able to make the case locally and statewide, funds will be available to conduct statewide party business because of local involvement, shared purpose and focus on future activities laid out by the State Party.

Section 3. - Good Standing - Member

A member is considered to be in Good Standing when the following are achieved.

    1. Regular meeting attendance
      • Defined by attending two of the last three meetings.
      • Meeting attendance requirement applies to existing and new members.
      • Participates in State Party activities
    2. Providing material support by one or more of the methods listed below.
      • Physically through volunteer work
      • Monetarily through donations and/or participating in fund raising events

The State Party and County Party Secretaries will maintain an up-to-date record of all respective members and officers.

Section 4. - Good Standing State Party or County Party Executive Committee Member

An executive committee member is considered to be in Good Standing if the following are true:

    1. At the time of the vote, the executive committee member that has not been disqualified, as outlined in this organizations ByLaws

Section 5. - County Membership

County membership is required for the county to become officially recognized.

Section 6. - County Dues

Once the county party has been established according to provisions enumerated within the Constitution Party of Tennessee’s ByLaws, the county must executive annual payment before being allowed to vote on the State Executive Committee.

The amount of the annual payment is set to $525.

Upon adoption of these changes, monies paid based on previously adopted State Party Constitution membership dues will be applied to this county due requirement.

Example: County X

Total Membership: 15
Total Members who have paid General Membership Dues: 5 Total Members who have paid Voting Membership Dues: 10

Dues collected for County X: (5*10) + (10*30) = $350 Outstanding Balance Due upon Adoption: 525 - 350 = $175

In the event the annual payment lapses, the County Chairman may participate in the State Executive Committee. However, the County Chairman whose County Party Membership dues are not current will not be allowed to vote. The County Party Chairman whose dues are 60 days delinquent will be removed from the State Executive Committee.

Section 7. - Fiscal Year Schedule

The fiscal year of this organization shall be from August 1 - July 31.