Constitution Party of Tennessee

Article IV - Executive Committee

Section 1. - Executive Committee Makeup


The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected State Party Officers, the previous State Party Chairman, the Congressional District Directors, County Chairmen, and up to two AT LARGE Members.


Section 2. - Officers of the State Party

The officers of the organization shall be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Treasurer. One person may hold up to two positions if necessary for the party to have a full slate of officers.

Section 3. - Term of Office

The election term of office for Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, County Chairman, and, Congressional District Director shall be two years. The elective term for the Treasurer and Vice Treasurer shall be four years.

Section 4. - Standing Committees

The standing committees and Ad Hoc committees shall be enumerated in the ByLaws.

Section 5. - Duties of Officers

Duties of the officers shall be enumerated in the ByLaws.

Section 6. - Grounds for Removal from Office

Grounds for removal shall be enumerated in the ByLaws

Section 7. - Past Chairman Participation

The previous Chairman is welcome to continue providing their experience to assist the Constitution Party in achieving its goals and objectives. The previous Chairman is also held to the requirement outline in Section 6.

Section 8. - Local Support

Local support will be provided through the implementation of Congressional District Directors and County Chairman

Section 9. - Congressional District Director Duties

The duties of the Congressional District Directors shall be enumerated in the ByLaws !

    1. The number of Congressional District Directors will be dictated by the number of Congressional Districts outlined for TN which is based on the 10-year census.
    2. The initial term of the Congressional District Directors shall be one year.

Section 10. - County Chairmen Duties

The duties of the County Chairmen shall be enumerated in the ByLaws.

    1. The number of County Chairmen will not exceed the number of counties within TN (95) unless a waiver is granted by the State Executive Committee. Possible reason for additional counties may be to accommodate larger populated areas and/or larger geographical areas
    2. The newly elected County Chairman is officially seated as a member of the State Executive Committee. However, the County Chairman must execute county membership payment before the County Chairman is allowed to vote on the State Executive Committee.