Constitution Party of Tennessee

What We Believe, Part 7: American Exceptionalism Immigration

Uploaded on Nov 19, 2010 In the final installment of the What We Believe series, Bill looks at how America is indeed exceptional -- a once-in-history success militarily, economically, scientifically and culturally.


What We Believe, Part 6: Immigration

Uploaded on Nov 7, 2010 In Part 6 of What We Believe, Bill looks at the critical distinction between legal and Illegal immigration, and how apologists for illegal immigration end up hurting the legal immigrants that have always been the backbone of America.


What We Believe, Part 4: Natural Law

Uploaded on Oct 29, 2010 What makes some laws worth obeying, while others demand to be overturned? In Part 4, Bill examines the difference between Natural Law and Political Law.


What We Believe, Part 5: Gun Rights

Uploaded on Nov 4, 2010 In Part 5 of the What We Believe series, Bill examines to role of gun ownership as a bulwark against the power of the Big State, and deals with some of the logical problems of the gun control.


What We Believe, Part 3: Wealth Creation

Uploaded on Oct 21, 2010 In Part 3 of the series, Bill shows how wealth can be created from thin air.