Constitution Party of Tennessee

Become a Sponsorship

To grow our party we are looking for individauls who have been blessed financially, spiritually, and physically to advance the causes of liberty and renew our understanding that our rights are endowed upon us by our Creator not man, a government entity, or a party.

We have identified various levels of sponsorship that you can choose to custom fit to your situation.


Monetary Sponsorship

Montary sponsorships are listed below and avaialble by using the donate button. Each level of sponsorship helps a targeted group within the state party. As the sponsorship increases the use of those funds are able to support basic materials, county growth and seed planting, congressional district growth, and finally statewide activities.

These sponsorship levels are included below.

Donate Now! $10: Fundraising Warrior
$25: Stars and Stripes Award
$50: Eagle Troop
$100: Company Commander
$250: Post Commander
$500: Brigade Commander
$2,500: Division Commander

Spiritual Sponsorship

Spiritual sponsorships are critical to restoring our nation. Spiritual sponsors make a commitment to pray that the leaders of our nation will return to God for guidance and support and renew their spirit to the self evident truth that our rights are endowed upon us by our CREATOR. In addition, we ask that the Spiritual Sponsors pray for our county and state party leaders and that they too place their reliance on divine providence.

These sponsorship levels are included below. 

Prayer Warrior Prays at least once weekly
Stars and Stripes Award Prays at least twice weekly
Eagle Troop Gathers a group together to pray once weekly
Company Commander Works directly with county leader(s) to form prayer group(s) that meet monthly
Post Commander Works directly with congressional district director(s) to form prayer group(s) that meets monthly
Brigade Commander Works direcly with the county leader(s) and congressional district directors to form prayer group(s) throughout the region.
Division Commander Works directly with the state leaders to form prayer group(s) that meets monthly


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Physical Sponsorship

Physical sponsorships are aligned with individuals who have available time and are able to be directly involved with the activities to support the cause of liberty. Physical sponsors will commit to providing the level of support based on their commitment level. The Physical sponsor is committed to assisting their county, congressional district, and state party develop through the physical rigors required to support varous activities.

These sponsorship levels are included below.

Physical Warrior Volunteers to greet and introduce new people attending the county party meetings
Stars and Stripes Award Volunteers to make calls to county party membership to remind them of county and state party activities
Eagle Troop Volunteers to knock on doors to grow membership
Company Commander Volunteers to call voters to invite them to county party events
Post Commander Volunteers to coordinate events focused on increasing membership, awareness, and fundraising within the congressional district.
Brigade Commander Volunteers to plan events throughout the congressional district and help counties within the congressional districe with activities that include: fundraising, regional events, regional meetings, and awareness activities.
Division Commander Volunteers to plan statewide events focused on increasing membership, fundraising, and awareness.


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