Constitution Party of Tennessee

Freedom Indicators

The purpose of the Freedom Indicator is to identify which businesses are promoting Freedom and which businesses are being intimidated or willing participants in pushing policies that tear down our founding principles; thereby, making our nation weaker, placing our national security at risk, and jeopardizing future generations. If we are not the gatekeepers for Freedom who will be?

You may ask yourself, "The companies I support through the purchase of their products or services are they aligned with free market prinicples and do they understand individual liberty?"  Another question might be, "Do the companies I support promote globalization and are they endorsing immoral polcies?"

We know that the promotion of immoral policies and behavior serves to demoralize our society and opens our nation to further deterioration of law and order. We have seen this in our day. We experience an increased frequency of government officials, company executives, and pillars within communities acheivng levels of "success" through immoral and unethical behavior. As this becomes common place people lose faith in the rule of law and the justice system. 

The questions will be objective and the scoring mecahnism will be consistent. If you would like to submit a businees for submission, please click the submission link below.


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