Constitution Party of Tennessee

Start a County Party

The information on starting a county party is located here. If you are interested in starting a county party in the county in which you live or if you are interested in starting a county party within a neighboring county, please follow these steps.

  1. Identify the Congressional District in Your Area (click here)
  2. Contact the Congressioanl District Director
  3. Coordinate Activities with the Congressional District Director and Neighboring County Party Leaders (click here)
  4. Identify possible meeting locations
  5. Identify an Interim Leader
  6. Plan, Organize, and Schedule an initial Meeting
  7. Contact the State Party Leaders as an Initial Speaker (click here)

The Constitution Party of Tennessee has been organized by Congressional District. If you are unsure which district you live in, please select the map below. Once the map opens, please locate where you live and then identify the Congressional District that represents your area.

The Constitution Party of Tennessee has enabled newly established parties with advertising, marketing, and organization through the central repository created for this purpose.

Tennessee US Congressional Map

Tennessee Senate District Map

Tennessee House District Map