Constitution Party of Tennessee

Purpose of the Constitution of the United States of America

Dear Editor,

The sole purpose of our constitution is to restrict government and protect our freedom. Both of our major political parties are violating our constitution and have been for decades. It has become clear that the checks and balances of our two party system have failed and our federal government is in a state of lawlessness. Witnessed by our President's decision that our immigration laws would not be enforced our President has granted himself the power to determine which laws will be enforced and which laws will not be enforced. By granting exemptions to Obama Care he has also granted himself the power to determine who is required to abide by our laws and who is not. By randomly deciding to delay the enforcement of certain provisions of Obama Care he has granted himself the power to determine when our laws are in effect and when they are not. However the great failure is that of the opposition party, if there indeed is one, to do anything to oppose this dangerous power grab. This unconstitutional usurpation of power puts the enforcement of our laws subject to the whims of our President and renders our Congress largely irrelevant, literally leaving America a failed republic. If our republic is to survive we must abandon this failed two party / one party system that no longer holds anyone in government accountable. Even openly acknowledged crimes against the American people go completely unaddressed, other than the usual lip service. Both of our major political parties, if in reality there are two, are so outrageously lawless and corrupt another party is the only solution we have If we are to restore our republic and rule of law in America. A third party structured to hold their elected accountable to our constitution exists. It's the Constitution Party and it appears to be our best and possibly our only solution to restoring rule of law in America and saving our republic.

David Nance Trenton, Tn. 8th Congressional District Director Constitution Party of Tennessee

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