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Meetup Groups

Meetup is another social media channel. Meetup will enable each county a greater ability to connect with those individuals who are of like mind, are seeking the truth, and desire to find a group of people who are actively involved within their community. The unique thing about Meetup is that your meetings will be sent to those individuals and groups who have identified similar interests. This is power in that you are able to connect to people with whom you may have never reached otherwise.

Meetup can be a great tool for each county. If your county party would like to share your Meet Up information on this page, please send an email by clicking the submission link below.

The county parties that have shared their Meetup Groups are listed below for your reference so that you can connect with them. Please distribute these to those on your contact lists.

If your county has not created a Meetup Group we strongly encourage you to do so by clicking on the Meet Up link below.

State Party Listing

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County Listings

Montgomery County



Meet Up Website

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