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No longer a need to feel compelled to vote for the better of the two evils


November General Election - Candidates

State Candidates

Shaun Crowell, Gubernatorial

Tim York, TN Senate (District 27)

Mike Warner, TN House (District 67)

Federal Candidates

Joe Wilmoth, U.S. Senate

Mark Rawles, U.S. House (8th Congressional District)

The Constitution Party of Tennessee nominated candidates for the November election during the statewide convention that was held on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at the Carl Grant Center on the Union University campus. 





Difference between Liberty & Freedom

United in the Calling of Liberty from Constitution Party on Vimeo.

Filled with profound insight, this presentation looks not only at the difference between liberty and freedom, but at the values and character necessary to remain a free people. If this were taught in every high school civics class, America would be a changed nation inside of a generation.

Presented by Jim Noorlander, construction business owner and 2008 Utah Congressional candidate, at the Constitution Party National Committee Meeting in Denver, Colorado, September 28, 2013.



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