Constitution Party of Tennessee



Welcome from the Chairman

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our site. Our nation is in trouble and will require PATRIOTS with integrity and courage to bring about a renewed mindset focused on the importance of our CONSTITUITONAL prinicples.

The Constitution Party of Tennessee is a party that is driven by the people unlike many parties today in which the party drives the people. Although the Constitution Party of Tennessee has always been a party that has stood rock solid on our nation's founding prinicples, we wanted to make it abundantly clear where we stand.

The Constitution Party of Tennessee during its most recent state meeting adopted the newly revised party's Constitution and ByLaws. The additions to these documents include the following.

    • Accountability
    • Candidate Vetting
    • Improved Statewide Infrastructure 


Accountability is something that we all can agree is lacking in our society today. The inability and unwillingness to hold ourselves and each other accountable leads to a government that lacks moral and ethical standards. I believe each of us can agree that this is the case with those serving in our state and national government.

Candidate Vetting

Candidate vetting is a foundational block to place on our cornerstone represented by our nation's founding prinicples. Without candidate vetting we have ended up in the place we are today which is ONE party referred by some as Republicans and Democrats.

Friends, do not be fooled. These two groups have been infiltrated by the Progressives which explains why their is little to no difference in the way they govern today. The time has come for each of us as individuals and as patriots to demand a higher standard. No longer shall we nor can we accept the better of the two evils. When evil is chosen, even if it is the lesser of the two evils, evil wins.

There is nothing earth shattering or new age about our vetting process. In fact, it is quite simple. The vetting process being outlined by the Constitution Party of Tennessee is one that is focused on the understanding of the following documents and principles.

    • Northwest Ordinance
    • Declaration of Independence
    • Constitution of the United States of America
    • Tennessee Constitution
    • Role of Government
    • Enumerated Powers Granted to the Federal Government
    • Powers Left to the States
    • Where Our Rights Come From

Improved Statewide Infrastructure

Improving the statewide infrastructure was a need to ensure there is proper support at the county and congressional district levels. I encourage everyone to review the party's Constitution and ByLaws. These documents along with other founding documents can be located by clicking here.


Zach Poskevich
State Party Chairman
Constitution Party of Tennessee