Constitution Party of Tennessee

The Price we will Pay is our Freedom

Dear Editor,

For decades both major political parties have refused to uphold our constitution, to protect our borders, to stop generational theft, or protect the lives of the unborn. Both Major Parties have squandered our heritage, threatened our liberty, waged unconstitutional wars and violated our bill of rights that they are sworn to protect. The terrible price we will pay for reelecting those who violate our constitution is our freedom.

For the past 80 years government has grown larger and more intrusive through every single administration, both Republican and Democrat. In reality we have two parties of big government and they are hardly distinguishable from each other. To restore America we must return to constitutional government and our founding principles. It is time that we, who love our country, abandon both major parties that have so clearly failed us. The Constitution Party is driven by its membership, not by politicians, and is dedicated to life, liberty, and constitutionally limited government. Reading the seven principles and the party platform is like a breath of fresh air. You can read these at The Constitution Party is the third largest and fastest growing political party in America and we're organizing county by county in Tennessee. It is time that we do what we wish our elected would do, vote principles over politics. One thing is for sure, if we keep doing what we've been doing, we'll keep getting what we've been getting. Become part of the Constitution Party and become part of our effort to restore America.


David Nance Trenton,
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